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Beloved, Please find below a summary of the message preached by 
Pastor Isaac Safo-Ankoma.

New Year, New Being (New You)

1 Sam 9:1-20.

There are things that we need to put in place if we want to be all what God has destined for us to be.

#1 Don’t depend on your natural abilities alone: Life is not just about the natural, Jeremiah 17:5. Do not depend on your own carnal strength.

1 Sam 9:3-4. Saul searched for the lost donkey for several days but could not find it. The fact that we will have uncommon victories this year suggest there will be uncommon battles.

#2 Not everything that seems bad is disadvantageous: Not every seemingly bad thing is of the devil. Life is not about donkeys (wealth). God might orchestrate things that might keep us out of our comfort zone but for our benefits.

#3 Life is about purpose: You cannot determine your purpose, only God does; but you are to fulfill your purpose/destiny.

#4 Be an honorable person: You have to be a person with good reputation. A person of integrity, good character. 1 Sam 9:6.

#5 Obey spiritual protocol: we need to understand and obey spiritual protocol, you do not go to God empty handed, Det 16:6-7. Give abundantly to reap abundantly. If you give stingily, you will reap stingily. Saul knew that for the result to come, they had to sow to God. 1 Sam 9:7-8.

#6 Divine direction/Instruction: 1 Sam 9:15-16. Don’t take things that happen in your life for granted. Life is spiritual. Nothing is just a coincidence and nothing just happens. Isiah 30:21.

#7 God incidence: you need to meet and surround yourself with God ordained people. Meet the right people at the right time. Be at the right place at the right time and not miss your angels. Heb 13:2.

#8 Cordial relationship with God: It’s good to hear what God has said, but it’s better to know what God is saying. Our relationship with God should be a present continuous, Gen 22:2-12. Walking with God is a journey of faith. It’s a precept upon precept and concept upon concept, 1 Sam 9:17.

#9 Don’t have an inferiority complex: Know who you are in Christ, 1 Sam 9:21.

#10 Don’t be anxious for anything: It doesn’t matter what comes or the news you hear, don’t be anxious, Phil 4:6-7.

#11 New man/woman: this is the secret of the new you, 1 Sam 10:6-7. There is another side of you that you have not seen yet, but God will reveal it, Isaiah 11:1-4. To discover the new you, you have to know that it’s not by might nor by power Zechariah 4:6.

#12 Remain humble: Don’t be proud because pride is that which removes the ladder under someone who’s climbing it, 1 Sam 15:33. Don’t think that you have arrived when God has not started with you yet, 1 Pet 5:5. Remember where God has brought you from. Never forget where you came from. God has incredible things for you, and you have to balance it with humility.

God bless

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