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For twenty seven years of my life I have suffered tremendously and during this period of desperation I have been searching for solutions and answers. I have been crying and praying and going to church after church and I found no solution in my life.

I was at a crossroads in my life; I lost total control of my life. I then turned to alcohol to ease the pain. It got worse when my daughter got killed. I got so depressed that I stayed indoors for more than a year.

I was consuming 2bottles of whisky a day. I tried so many times to commit suicide. I was making the life of my family miserable without realising the damage I was causing and we grew further apart. My life was hell.



Little did I know what was in stored for me. A friend invited me to church (RCCG Christ the King Parish) on 13 Sept 2009.A day I will never forget.
As Pastor Isaac Safo-Ankoma was praying a strong thing happened to me. I felt tears of joy within myself which I cannot explain and as I came out of the service I did not feel the same. I did not understand it but I knew I was not the same. That was my day of Salvation and a turning point in my life. I am overjoyed since I now understand that the living God touched me and made me see the light and from that day till now I am on a path that I will not change for the world. I am now having a wonderful relationship with my Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.


That’s not all I was diagnosed with a severe liver disease which led to Fibrosis and required that I undergo treatment similar to chemotherapy. On the day before the appointment for treatment in Galway I called Pastor Isaac and asked for prayer.



After the prayer he said this to me “LET THE DOCTOR DO ANOTHER SCAN BEFORE ANY TREATMENT, HE WILL BE AMAZED” I believed every word.

Indeed God is good, after the scans were done they were amazed and they wanted to find out what I did since all the readings from the scans were normal. I told them that I was prayed for but they won’t take that; they kept me for at least an hour interrogating whether I have changed my diet or taken any medication etc. Finally they decided to put me on observation and said I did not need the medication, but should come back after 3 months.


Also 32years of nicotine addiction has been broken by the power of God and I am now nicotine free.

I was diagnosed with arthritis in 2005 and was put on salazopyrin and prednisolone medications. There were times the pain was so severe I could not get out of bed. To God be the glory I am now pain free.

I am planning to attend the Redeem Bible School next year and one day spread the message of God to others in other for them to avert the pain that I went through. I would like to thank Pastor Isaac, his family and the Parish and above all I want to thank my Lord and Saviour and Healer Jesus Christ.

God bless
Brother Colin

I was having serious abdominal pains and decided to go to the G.P for a check up. I was referred to the hospital where scans were taken and the doctors gave me the news that shattered me completely. The scans revealed that I had ovarian cyst of significant size and would have to undergo surgery to remove it. It got worse when the Doctor said one of my ovaries will be removed in the process. I was devastated. I have one young daughter and believing God to bless me with another child hence the removal of an ovary was not what I wanted to her.

I called my Pastor and his words were: This is not for your destruction but for the glory of God to be seen. He prayed with me and prophesied that the doctors will be amazed on my next visit. I did not really believe it because I was so down with the news from the Doctor.

Pastor Isaac insisted that another scan be done on my next visit before the surgery. When the scans were taken on my next visit the doctor looked very surprised at the results. He had to call other doctors to confirm what he was seeing. In fact I was confused since I did not know what was happening. They kept asking me if I still feel the pain. The doctor then asked me to go to my G.P for the results since it will be posted to her.

When I went to the G.P the first question was: What did you do Gifty? I said I was prayed for. She said:Well I don’t know what happened but the final scans show that there is no cyst. To God be the glory. After some weeks I started feeling very sick and uncomfortable the devil wanted me to believe that the problem was back but I rejected those thoughts. A pregnancy test proved positive and I am very grateful to God for this miracle. Whatever the situation is do not be discouraged because we serve a God who can turn a cyst into a baby. I want to thank my Lord Jesus Christ for healing me. To Pastor Isaac God richly bless you for being the anointed vessel He used.

God bless
Sis Gifty

I have had severe migraine headaches for 9 years. I would literally feel it when it’s about to happen with some pre symptoms which included nausea, blurred vision,general sick feeling, etc. I become helpless and cannot do anything- just take medication and sleep.

On Fri 21st May which was our Monthly Prayer Vigil I started having these pre symptoms but decided to still go to church. During the service after praise and worship I started having the post symptoms which includes sweating, shaking and general fatigue but did not have the migraine. Praise God.

During the time of ministration Pastor Isaac gave a word of knowledge that God has healed someone with migraine headache. I knew it was a confirmation and I claimed my miracle immediately. He said the devil will try to put the symptoms back but the person should reject that and keep their positive faith confession of healing. Lo and behold the next day I started to feel the symptoms but I put my hand on my head and rebuked it in the name of Jesus and from that day till now I have not had the migraine. It has gone back to hell from whence it came and I know it will never come back in Jesus name.

I thank God for this great miracle.
Sis Sweetly

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